Recently Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft joined 'Go Acadiana With Ken Romero and Dr. John Sutherlin' to discuss the proposed use of surveillance cameras in crime ridden areas of Lafayette. We asked him to explain the Neighborhood Camera Project for us and he said,

It's primarily designed to put cameras in 'at risk' neighborhoods where we've been having a lot of trouble on the streets  like gun-play, narcotics trafficking and that sort of thing. It's basically going into Council District 3 and Council 4 to address the amount of calls we make.

We next asked Chief Craft if this was a project proposed by police? According to Craft,

Actually this came out of a liaison meeting between police department staff and Councilmen Brandon Shelvin and Kenneth Boudreaux and this is actually the first phase of it.

When asked if he thought the program would be approved by the Council Craft said,

It's proposed in the budget we don't know if it will be approved. Wrap-up is next month so we'll know if it will remain funded.

When asked what he thought would be the benefit of the surveillance cameras Craft said,

It's kind of a 'force multiplier' for the Police Department. We can't have a cop on every corner so this is a way to get some assistance.

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