Since so many things have changed in the past several months due to the coronavirus, there have a been a series of changes for Lafayette's events.

Artcade has made the announcement that their free festival will be going virtual this year like so many other festivals and events.

If you love the entertainment world, whether it's video games, film or music, then Lafayette's Artcade will probably be right up your ally.

This year's event will be held on Saturday, June 20 via the Artcade website even though the Lafayette event usually held at either the LITE Center or the Lafayette Science Museum.

There will be several guest presenters this year according to the Artcade website including the following:

This festival, according to the Academy of Interactive Entertainment is for independent movie makers, game designers and music lovers to learn from various industry segments while having a fun time. Often the event is a venue for people to try out games from students of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment who have created them.

The Academy of Interactive Entertainment is a college for young developers, whether they want to create their own games or if they want to become an animator, for a chance to learn and to showcase what they are working on.

It's a no-cost event, and multiple panelists have been lined up from various sectors to give their idea, pointers and guidance on what is happening right now in the various industries.


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