There is no harder working individual on the planet than the individual that has earned the name Mom. Moms are just special people. They never seem to run out of energy. They are always doing for others, doing for the family, doing for the community, and doing things that make our lives better. Today is a day that has been set aside for Moms around the world to be what most of us are most of the time. Lazy.

Today is Lazy Mom's Day- It's a day set aside to allow mom to be a slacker. If she wants to sleep late then let her. If she wants to let the dishes pile up in the sink let her. If she has to go somewhere today, drive her. The bottom line is this. Even on Mother's Day she never really gets the day off. She has to dress up to go to a restaurant. She has to make sure the kids are clean enough to go to that restaurant. You get the idea.

Today is her day to sit in her shorts and t-shirt or just stay in her robe if that's her choice. A day when coffee is fetched on her behalf and sandwiches are made by someone else and delivered to her.  No presents are necessary except for the gift of peace and quiet.

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