Fans were able get the first glimpse of the Billy Napier era for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns football team during the Spring Finale. They were able to eat some crawfish while watching some spectacular catches and touchdowns as the White team ran away with the game and defeated the Vermilion team 49-12 in actual game play but the score ended up being 81-51 after situational plays. Coach Napier mentioned the importance of the spring game and he said "I think it's a good evaluation and indicator of individual players."

There were a lot of injuries heading into the spring finale but Coach Napier decided that they would split the team into 2 separate teams with the Vermilion team and the White team. Jordan Davis and Andre Nunez split time with the Vermilion team while Levi Lewis was the main quarterback for the White team. Jordan Davis led the Vermilion team in passing as he threw for 117 yards, a touchdown and an interception on 9 of 13 completions and 1 interception while Lewis led the White team in passing with 275 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions.

With all of the injuries some players were able see more action. Ashton Johnson led the Vermilion team in rushing with 39 yards on 11 carries. Lenard Calloway led the Vermilion team in rushing with 66 yards and 3 TDs on 17 carries while Bass  had 40 rushing yards and 2 TDs on 12 rushes.

Keenan Barnes led the Vermilion team in receiving with 67 yards on 7 catches while Kadon Harrison, the quarterback turned receiver, led the white team with 98 yards and a touchdown on 3 catches, Jalen Williams also scored a touchdown with 76 yards on 4 catches. Jamarcus Bradley led the White team in catches with 5 and he had 96 receiving yards.

There was a pretty cool moment during halftime as Coach Napier awarded 4 walk on football players with scholarships. Junior running back Ashton Johnson, junior defensive back Deuce Wallace, senior linebacker Chaiziere Malbrue, and sophomore wide receiver Jalen Williams were the 4 student-athletes that received scholarships. Coach Napier talked about awarding these guys with scholarships and he said, "They are embodiments of what we want our team to be."


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