The Ragin' Cajuns have a new head football coach, but do you know how to correctly pronounce his name?

I can remember when Billy Napier took over as the Louisiana head coach, people were a little uncertain when it came to the proper pronunciation of his last name.

Some people said NAY-PEER. Others said NAY-PIERRE. Ultimately, we found out that NAY-PEE-UHR was the correct way to say it, and by the time we finally figured it out, he was gone.

Totally kidding about that last part, but now that Napier is in Florida, the next generation of leadership is here with the hiring of Michael Desormeaux—one of the all-time great Ragin' Cajuns players and someone who has been an integral part of Louisiana's coaching staff for past six seasons.

Since Desormeaux was announced as the new Ragin' Cajuns head coach there has been great feedback from fans and players alike.

There will be plenty of time for us to talk stats, predictions, numbers, and all of the other things that come with the way we analyze coaching performances but for now, let's get the name right.

In Cajun culture, we've heard many different pronunciations of common Cajun and Creole last names (think TRAUH-HAUN/TRAY-HANN), and Desormeaux is no different. I've seen multiple tweets over the years that said "It's not delivery, it's Desormeaux" when talking about the Cajuns' head coach.

While the catchphrase is mega-lit, Coach "Desormeaux" doesn't pronounce his name like "Digiorno." Earlier this week, our sports team at ESPN Lafayette sent out the following memo:

If you're talking about the new UL football head coach, he pronounces his name "DES - or - meaux". The emphasis is on the DES.

Many people around here with the last name Desormeaux pronounce it "De - SOR - meaux", or even have a little Z in it like, "De - ZOR - meaux".

For Mike, it's "DES - or - meaux".

This is useful (especially for people like us who will be saying his name a LOT for years to come) but the ultimate validation came in the form of a "liked" tweet from Coach Desormeaux himself.


The best way to remember the correct pronunciation is to put the "emphasis on DEZ."

I honestly felt enlightened to see the whole I-10-New Iberia thing and now I'm curious to pay attention moving forward to see if I notice the differences in pronunciation based strictly on location.

While we discuss the pronunciation of his name, Ragin' Cajuns head football coach Michael Desormeaux has his sights set on recruiting and finishing the epic season strong in the New Orleans Bowl game coming up on December 18.

We wish him the best of luck as he continues fostering the #cULture at Louisiana.

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