Talk show legend Rush Limbaugh, heard weekdays on KPEL from 11 til 2, has signed a new, four year contract to continue his nationally syndicated show well into the next decade.

According to a number of reports, the 68-year-old Limbaugh's soon-to-expire deal with Premier Radio Networks was for eight years and paid him in excess of $400 million.

But, according to "El Rushbo" hating CNN, Limbaugh's new contract may not be his biggest ever:

"Radio industry expert Michael Harrison, the publiisher of Talkers magazine, said Tuesday that Limbaugh surely did take a pay cut, but said it's irrelevant: 'Everybody in the broadcasting business has taken a hit since their last deal, except maybe some of the CEOs on their way out.'"

Rush's new agreement, as many have noted, was announced by a beaming President Trump. From

"The deal was first announced, unofficially, by President Trump at a rally in Miami on Friday. 'We have great people. Rush just signed another four-year contract,'Trump said Friday. 'He just wants four more years, OK?'"

Though terms of the contract will forever remain somewhat shrouded, Wikipedia reports that Limbaugh's salary topped the $84 million mark.


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