Linda McMahon is being applauded by many on social media after she told a security worker at a WWE event that it was fine to let a kid film, John Cena.

WWE announces prior to all events that you are not allowed to "film the show" and security detail in arenas are often instructed to not allow filming by fans.

Well, one security officer saw a young boy filming John Cena while in the ring, and he did his bob and told the young fan that he was not allowed to film the show.


That is when Linda McMahon, the wife of the Chairman of The Board Vince McMahon, stepped in and told the security officer in the arena that it was ok for the young boy to film the action in the ring.

As a matter of fact, security allowed the young fan to move closer to the ring to get a better shot of John Cena.

McMahon knew what the return of Cena meant for this young fan and she wanted him to be able to relive the moment at a later time.

Like many on social media, I too applaud Linda McMahon for stepping in here and allowing this young fan to be a kid.

This is so good!

Since this video of McMahon allowing this kid to get closer to the action to film Cena hit social media, many fans have reacted to her kind gesture, and here are just a few things other fans are saying about it.

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