As Louisiana continues to deal with catastrophic flooding covering almost the entire state, cemeteries are reporting the waters are now starting to cause caskets to become unearthed from their plots.

This is a problem Louisiana is unfortunately way too familiar with. It's a heartbreaking situation for people to have to deal with, and it can also be a potentially dangerous one.

Calcasieu Parish Coroner’s Investigator Zeb Johnson warns residents not to try and retrieve these caskets on their own.

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Do not go to the cemeteries. These vaults weigh 1,600 to 1,800 pounds; caskets are full of water and if they are full of water, we know how to handle that and take care of it. We have lots of experience, unfortunately with Katrina, Rita and Ike, in recovering caskets and it’s just not good for family members to be out in the cemetery

Vinton and Starks Louisiana are currently where the biggest problems are being reported, but as our rivers swell from taking on water, this could possibly become a problem for other areas.

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