Hunting season is one of the reasons why we love fall so much in Louisiana. In the Sportsmans Paradise, there is always something fun to do outdoors, and it's one of the few things that wasn't actually shut down by the pandemic in 2020. We are very grateful that we have such an abundant amount of outdoor activities to enjoy here in the Bayou State.

And earlier this week, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries made an announcement that is going to make a whole lot of hunters happy. According to an official press release, "hunters can now tag and validate their deer or turkey harvests directly from their smartphone (via text) immediately after your animal is harvested."



The press release goes on to say that hunters can "Log into your account at then click 'E-tag/Text-to-Tag' to enroll in electronic text-to-tag, then follow the steps below to tag and validate your harvest via your smartphone. As long as you complete the electronic tag before moving the animal, you do not have to attach a physical tag." You also need to have a physical picture of your harvest tags in order to use the new feature.

If there is no cell phone service in the area, hunters can still use the traditional paper tags, and validate them within 72 hours by calling 225.267.9998 or online here. Read more about the new feature from Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.



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