An survey says Louisianans are the top spenders this year for Super Bowl parties. Even though the Black and Gold missed the Super Bowl by a hair, big game parties will still be raging across the state. spokesperson Courtney Yarborough says Louisiana spends nearly 40 percent more per party than the average state.

“You spend an average of 71 dollar on the super bowl parties, and the national average is only 51 dollars, so you spend quite a bit more than the national average.”
Forget gumbo, jambalaya or crawfish, Yarborough says Louisiana has a fairly standard go to for Super Bowl snacks.

“Louisiana’s favorite food was actually found to be pizza, followed by wings and then dips and nachos. There’s going to be a lot of good food going on this Sunday.”

Yarbrough says there’s another category the bayou state paces the nation in.

“Louisiana consumers consume about 4 drinks per tailgate, which is a above the national average too, so you all definitely like to have fun.”

The Super Bowl kicks off at 5:30 PM Sunday.