Public School teachers are hitting the hip when it comes to paying for school supplies for their students. A new survey released says teachers are spending about 480 dollars a year on notebooks, pens, and other supplies without reimbursement. Les Landon is a spokesperson for the Louisiana Federation of Teachers.

“In what other profession do the workers have to provide the tools and the resources that they need to get the job done? We think that is a shame.”

Landon says there is already a growing tide of discontent sweeping across the country. He adds Louisiana has not addressed its educational shortfalls for years.

“Teachers are fed up, not just with the low pay but the lack of the resources and the crumbling facilities that they have to deal with. Their legislators have to come to terms with an education budget that has been frozen for ten of the last eleven years.”

The study also found that teachers in high-poverty schools were more likely to spend personal money on school supplies. Landon says it’s Louisiana’s turn to shake up the status quo.

“I think you are going to see a wave of action in the coming months that demonstrates just how fed up teachers and school employees are with the situation they’re facing.”

Teachers who spend their own money for supplies are able to take a $250 federal tax deduction.

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