According to a new study, Louisiana has the third-highest dropout rate of all states in the U.S.

The research was done by Teach Simple with the data revealing the most and least high school dropouts in the nation from 2017-2021.

Louisiana had a 7.36% dropout rate over that timeframe. The only states worse were New Mexico with 8.51% and Nevada with 7.42%.

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“The pandemic has had a significant impact on education across the U.S. and recent reports revealed that since the pandemic, an estimated 50,000 students were missing from any kind of U.S. school,” said Cole Vineyard, founder of Teach Simple.

Of course, Louisiana has long been a state that shows up at the bottom of education lists in the U.S. According to the recent U.S. News & World Report's list of "Best States in America," Louisiana ranked 47th in the nation in education.

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Here are the 10 U.S. states with the highest dropout rates for high school students:

  • New Mexico: 8.51%
  • Nevada: 7:42%
  • Louisiana: 7.36%
  • Arizona: 7.36%
  • Mississippi: 6.87%
  • Indiana: 6.65%
  • Oklahoma: 6.63%
  • Oregon: 6.55%
  • Idaho: 6.46%
  • South Dakota: 6.37%

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