History has been made in the White House and it involves a Louisiana native. Shalanda Young was appointed as Director of the Office Management and Budget and now officially joins President Biden's cabinet. Young is the first black woman in United States history to hold this position.

Senate Hearing Examines OMB Appointments
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This Louisiana native certainly had a good reason to smile today, as her hard work serving as acting director of the Office of Management and Budget over the past year has paid off. The position is officially hers.

Reports say that Young was confirmed into her position by the Senate with bipartisan support. The vote was 61-36.

Shalanda Young was at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building when President Biden signed the “Consolidated Appropriations Act" today (March 15, 2022). She can be seen in the black jacket and purple shirt as she overlooked the President work signing his name.

President Biden Signs The Consolidated Appropriations Act Into Law
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The Louisiana Governor congratulated Young on Twitter with the below message.

Whichever way your political beliefs may lean, I believe that just about everyone in Louisiana can be happy for Shalanda Young and her accomplishments. Certainly she is a shining light for everyone here in the state, but especially all women and people of color who have big dreams.

See full details from @CNNPolitics via Twitter below.

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