Wade Berzas' condition has improved from "critical" to "serious,' according to an update from Our Lady of Lourdes.


Doctor Joey Barrios, medical director of Our Lady of Lourdes Burn Unit, gave an update on patient Wade Berzas who is being treated following Saturday's plane crash.

Berzas is the sole passenger who survived the devastating crash.

Dr. Barrios spoke to the media today saying that they have an around-the-clock staff for their burn unit, and he believes that they have the right to assemble for his care.

He says because Berzas is of a young age, in otherwise good health and has family support, his outlook for recovery looks positive.

Barrios says while Berzas did not have inhalation burns, he does have severe burns that they are treating and will remain in critical condition.

Although Berzas was conscious when he was brought to the hospital, he had to medically sedated in order to deal with this very serious case.

The doctor adds that Berzas will have a long road to recovery.

Five people who were flying to the Peach Bowl on Saturday lost their lives in the crash including the pilot Ian Biggs, along with passengers Carley Ann McCord, Gretchen Vincent, Michael Vincent, and Robert Crisp II.

The National Transportation Safety Board says it will take 12 to 24 months to complete the crash investigation.

Officials with the NTSB says the plane reached an altitude 900 feet, then dropped back down to 700 feet before crashing into a field behind Walmart on Pinhook. The plane skidded through the post office located near the site hitting a car in the parking lot.

A passenger in the car, Danielle Britt, is being treated currently at a New Orleans area hospital.




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