The story has recently hit the web that a judge wanted to come up with a sentence that he felt fit the crime.  That's why he said that a husband that was brought up on charges of a domestic dispute with his wife had to go out with her on a date.  This isn't just a run of the mill trip out for fast food either.  He was told that he had to take her out for an evening of bowling and a romantic dinner at Red Lobster.  In addition, the judge thought that flowers would top off the evening just perfectly.

All of this stems from his failing to wish her a happy birthday.  A fight ensued that led to his shoving her into a sofa and grabbing her neck.

The judge explained that he felt that this was a more lighthearted approach and that this was not a serious case of violence.  He said that the court does not always take such things lightly.  He did say that the husband had to specifically follow the rules or face jail time.

One wonders after a blunder like forgetting a birthday and then shoving and grabbing the neck of someone that the idea that all is fixed by all you can eat shrimp and 10 frames of bowling.

Courts have been getting into some interesting rulings in the last several years.  Some of the more colorful sentences have included being forced to wear a sandwich board proclaiming your crime to other things.  Some work and some don't.  This one falls in the category of not working.  One night out is not something that can take care of marital problems that will lead to violent outbursts.  The flippant approach of the court in Florida is probably not the best idea...or even the second best idea.