Rutledge Deas IV pled guilty in 2019 to tricking women into changing his diaper and now he is accused of doing it again.

Deas would reportedly act like he was disabled, both physically and mentally, and have babysitters change his diapers.

His attorney has argued that his mental state has led to such behavior and actions in the past.

Not needing the assistance is a crime and by law in Louisiana, this falls under human trafficking, as he was luring women in under false pretenses. reports that Deas offered a woman $50 for her services, to change his diapers, and he allegedly asked for her to recruit other babysitters for him.

He was arrested in late December last year and at his recent hearing, a state trooper testified that his fetish had led to his behavior, which is illegal in the state of Louisiana.

The trooper did testify that upon searching Deas' phone, they found lots of pornography that involved babysitters and adult diapers.

We'll continue to follow this story out of Jefferson Parish as Deas is being held on a $100,000 bond.


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