A man working in a jail in Georgia had his work uniform cut off his body after he was allegedly found to be distributing contraband to those in the jail.

The Wayne Couty Georgia Sheriff's Office initially posted the video but has since removed it from their Facebook page, and it showed someone cutting the uniform off of the man who was handcuffed.

The person who cut the uniform off of the man said that he was not worthy of wearing such and he wanted to make it clear to others that this type of behavior would not be tolerated.

The sheriff's office says that they posted the video of the uniform being cut off of the man accused of supplying contraband because they wanted to be transparent to all of those in the county.


No private property was damaged here, and the point to mead was clear to all others who work in the jail.

Did they go too far here? Many on social media applauded the sheriff's office, while others say that they may have gone too far here.

Here's the video of the jailer having his uniform cut from his body after being detained in the jail that he once worked in.


Since removing the video, here's the statement from the sheriff's office via social media.

Apparently, the Sheriff in this county was unaware of the video and he made the call to have it removed from their official Facebook page.

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