(Following article is written by Mark Pope)

Did you see the television footage of the protests in London against President Trump?  The “Baby Trump” balloons and the signs were several notches below the fever-pitched protests we see here in the good ole’ USA.  Those Brits may talk funny, but even in protest they carry themselves with more dignity and class than do their brothers-and-sisters-in-protest here in the U.S.  Some of the Brits who took to the street on Friday did carry signs with vulgarities about the American president, but many more signs and placards contained a modicum of civility decrying opposition to Trump.

On Saturday, there were demonstrations – with only about one-fifth of the attendees as the Friday protests – showing significant support for Trump.  The Trump supporters were eager to counter the claim that Trump has been unanimously rejected by Britons.  The day started with a pro-Trump rally outside the U.S. Embassy.  U.S. and U.K. flags adorned the grounds as well as numerous “Make America Great Again” hats, and some Brits even donned “anti-Hillary” shirts.  I did not watch the liberal television networks like CNN and MSNBC, but my guess is that coverage of the pro-Trump rallies was nonexistent, or a best only a passing mention was made about the rallies with a liberal dose of sarcasm and negativism.

Later in the day, 3,000 people assembled near Trafalgar Square to show support for Trump and anti-Islamic activist Tommy Robinson, who is serving jail time in the U.K. for contempt of court charges.  Robinson, the former leader of the English Defense League, was sentenced to 13 months in jail for videoing outside a court in Leeds – in defiance of a court order – at the trial of an accused Islamic terrorist.  Robinson’s supporters claim that the law was applied unevenly by British courts.

At Trafalgar Square, “Generation Identity,” a conservative European youth movement,  made their presence known.  U.S. Representative Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., also spoke about the importance of free speech in a free society.  Speeches at the rally were a blend of support for Trump and Robinson, with a focus on the danger of mass migration and the importance of national sovereignty.

A handful of Trump haters blocked streets near Trafalgar Square where Trump supporters were gathering.  The left is so intolerant; if you disagree with their point of view, they will shout you down, get in your face, even descend to violence to squelch those with whom they disagree.  A dozen disruptive protesters were arrested at the otherwise peaceful pro-Trump rallies throughout the U.K.

Sean Hannity has been in Europe following Trump on his European trip.  Hannity did some “person on the street” interviews at the Friday anti-Trump protests.  He asked one millennial what he disliked about Trump.  The reply was so lame.  The vacuous youngster said, “It’s hot and Trump is to blame.”  Hannity said, “So Trump is responsible for the heat?”  The young man replied, “Well, Trump is encouraging climate change with his policies.”  What sheer nonsense.

Thank goodness we have Donald Trump leading our country back to greatness.  Our “disrupter in chief” is dissolving, slowly but surely, the nonsensical group-think of liberals whose flawed, politically-correct policies were insidiously threatening the strength of liberty and freedom around the world.  Long live the Trumpster.

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