With the recent attacks on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, there are some who are struggling with how to mentally handle these senseless tragedies. Medical Director at the Capital Area Human Services Dr. Aniedi Udofa says it’s easy to feel guilty, helpless and scared about what might happen next. She advises finding a trustworthy friend if you are having trouble coping.

“You’re not able to focus at work, you’re finding yourself being sick and not really knowing what’s going on, at that point we really do encourage that you find a mental health professional and try to get some help.”

Udofa says it’s very important to have discussions with children during this time because social media can influence how the situation is perceived. She says it’s also a good idea for parents to talk about the importance of police officers and their role in keeping a community safe.

“I would talk to my child about all the good things those officers do for us. The fact that they put their lives in danger to protect people, get my child to understand that they do a very important job.”

Udofa says limit the amount of time your kids spend watching TV or on social media if you notice a change in their behavior. She says take time for yourself if you can tell you’re stressing and having a tough time dealing with the recent events.

“If you think it’s getting too much take some time out, there is nothing wrong with that, asking for just a couple days off to talk to somebody and just try to process what’s going on around you.”