If you are looking for pop culture in 2019, then you only have to look as far as your Merriam-Webster dictionary. 530 new words were added last week, and they say a lot about America in 2019. And according to Fox News, there are also 4,000 definition, etymology and pronunciation revisions.

Some of the new words are below, but be sure to check out the whole list. It's actually pretty entertaining.

  • Dad Joke
  • Deep State
  • Escape Room
  • Free Solo
  • Pickleball
  • Sesh
  • Vacay
  • Caulrophobia (fear of clowns)
  • Solopreneur
  • Inspo
  • Fatberg
  • Inclusive
  • Colorism
  • Aphantasia
  • Autogenic training
  • They (non binary pronoun)
  • Pain Point
  • Red Flag Law


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