There are some big Louisiana Lottery winners that haven’t claimed their prizes, which are in some cases at least $50,000. Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says they are seeking a winner who matched four of the five white ball numbers on September 2nd. Their ticket is about to expire.

"It was sold for the September 2nd drawing at RaceTrack on Gause Blvd. in Slidell and it expires March 1st."
So what happens to the unclaimed lottery winnings? Chopin says there are roughly between nine and 11-million-dollars in unclaimed money annually that can be won again.
"The Lottery uses those funds to increase the payout on it's scratch off games or things like player promotions like buy one get one free."
Chopin’s advice is to sign the back of your tickets, then you can check for the winning numbers on the lottery tv show at 9:59pm on the nights they air. The Lottery also has other means of getting the word out on winning numbers.
"You can also visit our website at  If you follow us on Twitter, we tweet the winning numbers after every drawing as well.   If you're curious about checking out the unclaimed prizes, we have that on the website as well."