In an exclusive interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News today The former Republican Presidential candidate had some words of wisdom for President Obama.  With no bitterness in his demeanor or voice Romney said the President needs to quit flying about the country in "campaign mode" with critical comments about the Republican Party.  Romney said that's not the way to achieve cooperation or bipartisanship.  This makes me think back to a country song from a few years ago recorded by Rodney Crowell and a group of country stars known as the Fabulous Cherry Bombs. The Cherry Bombs song was filled with down-home wisdom. The title of the song was "It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Butt All Day".  Wow what a revelation!  Mr. President, with all due respect (as a Southerner I hope he understands the meaning of "all due respect") you can't expect to make love to a woman you demean all day.  When a woman nags a man all day there's not much chance she'll get flowers and candy for Valentine's Day.

World class athletes like Muhammed Ali trashed-talked their opponents to kingdom come....but they were set to beat them into submission, not get them to cooperate.  Again with all due respect Mr. President you can attract bees to flowers but with manure all you attract is flies.  Play nice, Mr. President otherwise you play alone. Speaker Boehner, you too!  Didn't either of you learn anything in kindergarten?