A Monroe man has designed a product called Streamleash to help you have better control of your dog. Ian Blaylock says as a runner, if his dog quickly ran in one direction, would lose his balance and control of his pet. He says Streamleash allows the leash to extend, but the user is in control of the cord length.

"It seemed to me it would be more practical to have an automatic break inside the leash, so you would manage the cord length for your dog," Blayock said.

Blayock says Streamleash features a wrist strap, so you no longer have to grip the leash in your hands, which can be difficult to do if you are on a long walk or run. He says if your dog starts sprinting in a different direction, a squeeze of the hand locks the leash into place.

"I don't have to worry about those little episodes where I have to panic and stop him from doing something, because he's always in control," Blayock said.
Blayock has a Kickstarter campaign in the hopes of raising $55,000 so he can create an initial order of 2,000. He says retractable leashes are useless for training, but he hopes the Streamleash can be instrumental in creating an obedient dog.
"Simply by running with your dog in control and having him next to you or behind, he realizes you are the alpha, you are the leader of the pack."
To find out more go to streamleash.com.