Most persons are happy with their jobs. A recent survey finds the average worker rates their job satisfaction at a seven out of ten. And half of those gave a rating of at least eight. UNO Business Professor Mark Rosa says he’s not surprised.

"We're looking at an unemployment rate in the low fours,  four point one, four point zero. The economy's been on a recovery since about a year after the session.  A lot has improved."

Some employers scaled back benefits during the recession, including raises. Rosa says workers are starting to see some of these perks come back, which makes for better productivity in the workplace.

"The raises and the benefits and the perks we used to enjoy before the recession have largely returned.  You need to keep your workers happy because you would have a better outcome if that was the case."
While millennial workers were least satisfied with their jobs with a score of six-point-nine, Rosa says the Baby Boomers are the most happy with a score of seven-point-two.
"Never made more money, they're at the height of their career, been in a position they've worked on for years, got the appropriate promotions over time and their retirement benefits are really good."
Those in households with annual incomes of over $80,000 gave an average rank of seven-point-five. Those under 30-thousand-dollars averaged a 6.6.