There have been about two dozen cases of mumps in and around the LSU campus area of Baton Rouge.

The Louisiana Office of Public Health has contacted the Lafayette Parish School System to let them know that there has been a large outbreak, some 1,800 people, in Arkansas.

There has also been infections reported among some school-aged children in Texas.

Lafayette School officials are wanting to remind families that have unimmunized children that if your kids get exposed to mumps, they may have to stay at home based on OPH guidelines for the state of Louisiana.

The system press release notes that the recommendation is to keep someone exposed to mumps home for as much at 26 days.

The information also reminds parents that it is recommended that parents make sure their kids are up to date on all of the vaccines.

System spokesman Randy Bernard says the release is meant to let parents know about what is happening among school-aged children in other states that border our state.

Parents who have concerns can call the Lafayette Parish School System Nursing Office at (337) 521-7280.