My Octopus Teacher is a new 2020 documentary on Netflix starring Craig Foster who also produced the 85-minute Netflix original. Foster spent a year following an octopus in the wild, developing a relationship with the cold underwater creature that had an unimaginable impact on his life.

Foster discovered the octopus while freediving in South Africa. Luckily, he filmed most of his dives which included time spent visiting an octopus in her den on a daily basis. The footage is spectacular and the visits between man and underwater creature, heartwarming.

The film shows how the octopus starts to trust Foster after several underwater visits. He gets to study and document the life and his friendship with a young octopus in the most unusual way. Scenes include the octopus defending itself, mating, losing and growing back a tentacle and unfortunately, the death of his beloved underwater friend.

Foster needed a radical change in his life. My Octopus Teacher illustrates how one curious octopus changed Foster's life forever. The way he looks at the world and his relationship with people changed, all because of an octopus. My Octopus Teacher is one of the most moving nature documentaries ever made.

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