President Trump has effectively "pulled the plug" on the Republican National Convention that was supposed to be hosted in Charlotte North Carolina later this Summer. The decision was made following concerns raised by the state of North Carolina over the coronavirus.

This leaves the Grand Ole Party with no place to hold their nominating convention. Well, temporarily they are without a host city. Among the destinations that are currently wooing the Republican Party is the city of Nashville in Tennessee. Several cities in Florida have also expressed an interest in hosting the convention too. There are also proposals being offered by Las Vegas, Atlanta, Phoenix, and New Orleans.

The New Orleans aspect is quite intriguing. Since that part of our state was one of the "hotbeds" of coronavirus cases during the peak of the pandemic. Goodness knows that New Orleans and the state could use the influx of cash that a major political convention would bring.

According to reports officials with the GOP have plans to visit many of the cities and the venues in those cities that would like to host convention slated for August 24 -27 this year.

Still, the question has to be asked is it too soon to have this many visitors back in our state and in particular one city and singular convention venue?

It will be interesting to see if state leaders would acquiesce on Mr. Trump's demands that the convention is held without public health restrictions due to the pandemic. It could happen but I am guessing our state's leadership will be taking a long hard non-partisan look at how such an event would impact the state.


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