It's time for predictions for Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season.

I had another good week last week, going 11-3.

With that impressive week, I'm off to a pretty good start in 2020, with an overall record of 72-32-1.

Let's try to keep it going this week.

Week 8 looks like another great week with a number of interesting games on the schedule, but I want to focus on three before I get to all of my predictions for this week.

Steelers at Ravens---What's there not to like about this game? The Steelers are 6-1, while the Ravens are 5-1, and both look like legitimate Super Bowl contenders. I'm going with the home team in this one, but seven weeks through the season, the Steelers look like the best team in football. That's not to say that I'd pick them to win the Super Bowl at this moment, but right now, they have my vote as the best team in football. Still, they're due to lose, and they're playing a really good team on the road for a second-straight week, after an emotional 27-24 victory over the Titans last week. This should be a really good one, and a must-watch for any football fan.

Saints at Bears---The Saints are 4-2 and have to keep winning to keep up with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the Bears are 5-2....Wait!..What?!?!?...Yes, the Bears are 5-2. Here's the thing though; the Bears have to play the Saints this week, followed by the Titans, Vikings, and Packers. Unless they find some offense, and fast, they could be 6-5 when they play Detroit on December 6. In case you haven't noticed, the Lions are 3-3, and have games against the Vikings and Washington following this week. It's possible the Lions could pass the bears in the standings in early December, and nobody would have imagined that last week.

Patriots at Bills---The Patriots can't really be this bad, can they? They've lost three-straight, and four of their last five, while only scoring 28 points over their last three game. I just can't envision them losing their fourth-consecutive game and dropping to 2-5 on the season. As for the Bills, they're currently 5-2, but they lost two-straight, before struggling offensively against the Jets last week in an 18-10 win. I just think the Patriots find a way in this one.

Now, enough with the talking; here are the picks for Week 8:

Falcons at Panthers---Panthers

Saints at Bears---Saints

Patriots at Bills---Patriots

Titans at Bengals---Titans

Raiders at Browns---Raiders

Colts at Lions---Colts

Vikings at Packers---Packers

Jets at Chiefs---Chiefs

Rams at Dolphins---Rams

Steelers at Ravens---Ravens

Chargers at Broncos---Broncos

49ers at Seahawks---Seahawks

Cowboys at Eagles---Eagles

Buccaneers at Giants---Buccaneers

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