NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino appeared on a video released by the NFL to explain how the officials got all calls correct during the controversial ending of the Saints versus Broncos game yesterday.

The other point of contention among many Saints fans is whether Broncos defensive end Jared Crick illegally held New Orleans long snapper Justin Drescher when he pulled him to the ground, allowing Denver safety Justin Simmons enough space to leap over the line and block the go-ahead PAT attempt.

According to Blandino, it was all legal.

"He's going to get his hands up on top of the snapper and push him toward the ground. That's legal," Blandino says in the video above. "Open-hand push, legal. If there was a grab and a pull, that would be defensive holding. This is a similar concept as an offensive lineman blocking a defensive player. If he can get up on top of that defensive player and push him toward the ground, it's legal, versus grabbing and pulling him."

Yesterday's loss was agonizing for Saints fans, and a metaphoric kick in the gut for the Saints themselves.

With the loss, New Orleans fell to 4-5, failing to get above .500 for the first time since the 2013 season.

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