We know you're talking and we are listening. The Captain Clay Higgins story has been a roller coaster from the beginning. The latest twist (and then turn) has to do with some emails that were uncovered and reported by Chris Welty from KLAF News in Lafayette. Higgins is currently running for Congress. The emails appear to show that Higgins "double dipped" while working for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.

An attorney who was featured in the news segment seemed to agree that business dealings discussed in Higgins' email seemed to indicate that he was accepting money in addition to the salary he was being paid as a Sheriff's Deputy. Welty reached out to Higgins himself, but did not get a response.

We're not lawyers at KPEL (and for good reason), so we don't have the answers either. But we took several calls asking for us to update our listeners. The reports seem to speak for themselves, but still we have not heard directly from Clay Higgins. We reached out to him for comment and gave him an opportunity to appear on Friday's edition of Acadiana's Morning News. He responded after the show, by asking for the exact identity of the person who was reaching out to him.


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