A simple Facebook post in a local group spiraled into an extraordinary tale of generosity and community spirit this Thanksgiving in south Louisiana. Chris Kap, a student in north Louisiana, reached out to the 'Foodies of Lafayette' Facebook group on November 21, inquiring about places that accommodate solo diners for Thanksgiving meals.

Timothy Sharlow, owner of Tim's Kitchen in Broussard, responded with a heartwarming invitation. Despite his restaurant being closed for the holiday, Sharlow extended a personal offer to Kap to join his family's feast in Carencro, LA. "As a nephew, I'm 1 of 33 and as a grandson, I'm 1 of 46. When we eat, we feast," Sharlow wrote, humorously adding, "You'll blend in just fine. Unless you're from Winfield... lol."

The interaction quickly garnered attention, with community members praising Sharlow's kindness. Comments like Jonah Diane Landry's "Y’all have a heart of gold!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!" and Darren Mouton's "First Class Man!!!" underscored the sentiment. Stella Rose Mouton Weber and Cynthia Favalora echoed similar thoughts, with Favalora noting, "You’ll never find friendlier or more generous people."

A subsequent photo of Chris and Tim together with family sparked even more heartfelt reactions. Jake Musso admitted to being moved to tears, while Katherine Martinez commented, "This thread has me in tears. Faith in humanity restored."

Timothy Sharlow, Facebook
Timothy Sharlow, Facebook

Kap's gratitude was evident. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of offers, he expressed his thanks to the community, stating, "It really is a testament to the goodness of the people of Louisiana."

This isn't just a story about the generosity of a local business owner but more about the sense of community and unique hospitality we're known for in Acadiana. While not everyone can join Tim's family dinner, locals can always get a taste by visiting Tim’s Kitchen in Broussard, a business clearly run with a huge heart.

To echo the sentiment of one of the many emotional commenters, this is what Thanksgiving is truly about.

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