Many people set New Year’s resolutions to become healthier, but nutritionists caution about the dangers of fad diets. Registered Dietitian with the LSU AgCenter Sandra May says these name brand diets ramp up at the beginning of each year. She urges consumers to eat a balanced diet.

“However, some of these fad diets, do eliminate food groups. We encourage our consumers not to choose fad diets because sometimes they do eliminate nutrients along with those food groups.”

May advises people to make half of their plate fruits and vegetables, based on the USDA’s My Plate, along with…

“Choose whole grain foods half of the time, choose low far or fat free dairy foods, and to choose lean protein and vary that protein source.”

May says the most popular fad diets currently are the Adkins, Zone and Paleo diets. She says juicing or detoxing can be very dangerous, especially if you have a medical condition like diabetes.

“Blood sugars can certainly drop to a dangerously low level. We want to make sure that if you’re an elderly person, or pregnant or breast feeding, just not to choose that as an option.”

May suggests taking a look at the USDA’s My Plate at