The President and CEO of One Acadiana joined "Acadiana's Morning News" to talk about an upcoming event called, "Building a Vibrant Community" focusing on taking plans from the planning stages to the actions phases.

Troy Wayman says "Building a Vibrant Community" is a two-day event that will feature a community talk, concert and workshop aimed at finding out how to move our projects forward from the planning phase.

The event will feature a man who has experience in taking the plans into the phase of changing communities. Quint Studer heads up the Studer Community Institute. He will bring his experience from the healthcare sector to our community. He was part of a major shift in Pensacola, Florida with led to major expansion for that community.

In addition to the discussion about the two-day event June 17 and 18, Troy Wayman spoke about One Acadiana's participating in helping Ochsner Lafayette to partner with another group, Trax Development, to bring two PPE manufacturing facilities in Broussard. When the Governor came to make the announcement last week, Kpel's Ian Auzenne was there to cover the story. You can read more about that here.

Wayman says this new project was one of eighteen that were had the basic "approvals" from local, state and federal officials, and when investors were ready, so was this project.

One aspect that makes this project so useful for our area, is that one of the plants will be renovated. Additionally, this project means that our people in Acadiana will not have to depend on any other facilities in our fight against Covid or any other medical issues when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment. We also, as a nation, will not need to depend on other countries like China to give us something that we desperately need.

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