A new report finds the majority of Louisiana’s young people are unfit for military service.

The Pentagon reports that more than 70 percent of Americans aged 17 to 24 cannot join the United States military – 26 million young Americans for various reasons. The percentage in Louisiana is 75 percent.  Retired Admiral David Callahan says there are many reasons.

 “Now, obesity is one of the leading reasons by nearly one third of those numbers. Educational shortcomings including lack of a high school diploma, failure to pass the military’s admittance qualifications, disqualify another third,” Callahan said.
Callahan says the problems in Louisiana are not any different from young people around the country.

“And finally, about ten percent of young adults have a criminal record, thirty percent also have drug abuse issues and drug abuse records, that all prevent them from qualifying,” Callahan stated.

With 75 percent of Louisiana kids in-eligible to serve, the former chief of the Marine’s Paris island training facility retired Major General Ron Richard, from here, says it’s time for people to wake up and pay more attention to our youth.

“It’s critically important that the American people realize that the laissez faire/blasé they have in certain areas, will not stand the test of time,” Richard said.

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