Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - South Louisiana is fortunate to have a plethora of talented meteorologists to keep us informed whether severe weather is threatening or the heat will be dangerously high. Donald Jones with the National Weather Service in Lake Charles has taken to doing numerous Facebook lives ahead of hurricanes that threatened south Louisiana or southeastern Texas. Lafayette has a slate of incredible meteorologists that we have come to know and trust.

Standing in a television studio with nearly a dozen of these intelligent folks over a 16 year career in Lafayette TV was an honor and a privilege. A weather geek at heart, they always made my questions feel welcomed. Truth be told every one of the weather people I have had the pleasure of working with has been passionate about, not only meteorology, but also understanding that the job they do every day keeps us safe.

television studio
Tracy Wirtz

Dave Baker graced our screens for more than a quarter of a century, and people will recognize him wherever he goes in south Louisiana. Like his meteorological colleagues, Dave takes his responsibility seriously and loves weather.

Many mornings while we worked together for 13 years, you could find him standing outside, staring up at the sky. He always wished there was a window in the studio, but not for the reasons you and I would. He watched the sky, the movement of the clouds, took in the colors, all because it helped him assess what was happening and could use it to determine what conditions would be.

dave and tracy
Tracy Wirtz & Dave Baker

Dave stepped away from the Lafayette broadcast television screen at the end of 2023. Since then, he has been working on a project that would allow him to inform the people of Acadiana about weather, on his own terms.

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He created a YouTube channel where he can share a daily weather message and let folks know every morning what to expect and how he arrived at his forecast.

You'll see him on his back patio, no suit or tie (as Dave likes it!), talking to you like he's done for 30 years about his passion. As he describes it:

We'll have a visit, talking about the forecast and how it will impact your day. A short, simple, bare bones explanation with a familiar face you've trusted for decades.

He told me recently that he has a routine. He gets up before his wife, makes coffee, and goes outside to record his meteorology message. He's done by 8 AM and can continue through his day.

We are fortunate for Dave's love of his craft because that means we still have his voice and perspective to keep us updated on what we can expect. The YouTube platform allows us to watch it when we want.

Dave invites you to subscribe to his free channel: Check out what you can expect in the video below.

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