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The Supreme Court Tells Congress To Do Its Job

The nation's highest court handed down two big decisions today. The first case decided was the highly-anticipated EPA case, which I mentioned recently was possibly the most impactful case of the term. It completely decimated the ability of federal agencies to create new rules for themselves. Democrats are freaking out that the power to legislate has been returned to them and the voters who elect them.

But they appear to be angry that the Supreme Court simply told Congress to do its job, rather than delegate it out to unelected bureaucrats.

In today’s ruling, the Supreme Court has decided the legislative branch, not the executive, is actually in charge of rule-making. A federal bureaucracy has only the power it is specifically granted by Congress. The decision reaffirms what is specifically stated in the Constitution as far as the powers of each branch go.

Article I of the Constitution specifically states that “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States,” while Article II tasks the executive branch with taking care that “laws be faithfully executed.” There is a clear separation of powers between the two branches, and there is Supreme Court precedent that Congress isn’t allowed to “abdicate or to transfer to others the essential legislative functions with which it is thus vested,” as determined in A. L. A. Schechter Poultry Corp. v. United States.

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Biden's Win May Actually Be A Loss

Meanwhile, Biden did get a win in today's decisions. The Court sided with him on Biden v. Texas, a decision that allows him to rescind the Trump-era Title 42 rule. But, that will end up making the immigration crisis worse, and it could come back to hurt Biden.

Hutchinson Testimony Takes Another Hit

The "bombshell" testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson to the January 6 committee continues to fall apart in the wake of scrutiny and pushback from the Secret Service.

During her testimony, Hutchinson claimed that Cipollone told her to tell her boss, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, that former President Donald Trump should not go to the Capitol on January 6.

Hutchinson testified that Cipollone said, “We’re going to get charged with every crime imaginable,” if Trump went to the Capitol…

…“Multiple sources including one who was at the WH on Jan 6 tell me Cipollone was not there in the am when Hutchinson testified she spoke with him,” Posobiec tweeted on Wednesday evening.

The January 6 Committee “is aware of this discrepancy,” according to Posobiec, and “are ignoring media inquiries about it.”

It's not looking good for the committee.

Headlines Of The Day

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