President Trump held a press briefing today and was asked about the selling of U.S. made F-35 Fighter Jets to other countries. When speaking about the power of the fighter jets as well as the pilots themselves he said, "These pilots that I meet, they look better than Tom Cruise and they're definitely tougher and he's a nice guy".

The U.S. President spent a good portion of his press conference today boasting about how powerful the U.S. military is right now. He spoke about the over $2 Trillion that was spent upgrading all military equipment. When asked about the potential of selling some of our fighter jets to other countries, he took the opportunity to take a shot at Tom Cruise, star of the infamous fighter pilot film 'Top Gun'.

Check out the clip from the press briefing that I found on Twitter from @FogCityMidge below

Whatever your feelings are about President Trump, I think everyone can find some humor in this ricochet shot at Tom Cruise that came from the clouds. What Tom Cruise did to President Trump to warrant this shot, I have no idea. All I can think of is that at one point, President Trump watched 'Top Gun' and did not enjoy "Maverick's" performance AT ALL.

Now, we all anxiously wait for Tom Cruise to clap back at our President in what I hope will be the most electric and unexpected feud of 2020.


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