Louisiana baseball is fast approaching a new season after winning the Sun Belt tournament last year.

And that's not the only impressive feat the Ragin' Cajuns baseball team can claim.

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Overall, attendance has been down for baseball as a sport recently, but college baseball still draws millions of fans every year. The Cajuns are no different, and Lafayette shows up for the Vermilion and White.

15th in the entire country among NCAA schools is impressive attendance numbers, and when you take into account how much bigger some of these college towns are than Lafayette, that number becomes even more impressive.

The only Sun Belt school that draws more fans than Louisiana is Southern Miss, and it's only by about 500 fans per game.

The product on the field combined with the stadium experience is a big draw for locals who just want to enjoy some good baseball and good food with their family and friends.

Try to make the time to go to a game or two this season, maybe the Cajuns can climb those ranks even more this year.

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