The Ragin Cajuns basketball team seems ready for tonight’s NIT match-up between UL-Lafayette and LSU. Cajuns coach Bob Marlin says it’s great to play in Baton Rouge, but he believes they should have been seeded higher than LSU and the home team.

"Our RPI is much better, our record is much better and we feel like our gym is much better.   There's a lot of things that says we should be a higher seed than we were.  We have the second best record in the tournament out of 32 teams."
This will be the 47th meeting on the hardwood between the two south Louisiana schools, but it’s the first time they’ve played each other since 2009. Marlin says he’s tried to schedule LSU more often and even tried to get the Louisiana Association of Basketball Coaches involved.
"We've tried to play tournaments, classics with LABC, whether it would be here or there and rotate.  We wouldn't necessarily play each other and they weren't for that either."
Marlin says it’s sad that it took a NIT committee to finally pit UL-Lafayette against the Tigers.
"I called Will (Wade) when he got the job and we talked.  I didn't ask to play that day.  I called him back a few weeks later, but they're not interested in playing and probably didn't want to play this game to be honest."
The game tips off at 6pm and will be streamed live on ESPN3.