NEW ORLEANS, La. (KPEL News) -  "No LaToya" says they are very close to getting the signatures needed to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell as the deadline approaches on the project.

The recall effort began in August, nearly seven months ago.

The group says there are many reasons why they believe the recall is needed, especially considering Cantrell still has three years left to her final term. Here are just a few of them on what they call "LaToya's List:"

  • CRIME: Residents have asked for an effective crime plan since at least January 2022. NOLA is now the murder capital of the nation
  • INFRASTRUCTURE - Tired of busted up streets for years? Tired of dodging aging potholes?
  • The mayor sat on the side of the carjacker - never forget.
  • Affordable Housing - NOLA received a grade of F for the past THREE YEARS.
  • The mayor is under federal investigation.
New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

How Many Signatures are Needed to Recall the Mayor?

Louisiana Radio Network reports over 49,000 signatures must be handed over by the group to the Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters by Ash Wednesday (February 22nd). But, the Registrar could deem some of those votes invalid so "No LaToya" organizers are saying they would like to get an additional 9,000 votes as a cushion.

We want to have a cushion, and we want to put an exclamation point on it. So please get in your mailers, get in your signatures. Download it on your computer right there at ‘’

That's group organizer Eileen Carter, a former city hall staffer and sister to former Louisiana Senator Karen Carter Peterson. The former state senator will report to federal prison in March after being found guilty of stealing some $140,000 from her own campaign account and the account of the party, KPEL News reported. Eileen Carter is a part of the recall effort despite the "retaliatory nature...that this administration has across the board that has out city in disarray across the board.”

How Many Signatures Does "No LaToya" Have?

On Valentine's Day, the group reported they are very close to reaching their goal as they are only over 1,000 signatures away.



As someone who has seen a few recalls over the years, it's often very difficult to gather the signatures needed to recall someone. And, you never know if the signatures are being underreported or overreported by the group filing the petition. But, for those coming together to get Mayor Cantrell out of office, this is exciting news.

What's Next if the Needed Signatures are Gathered?

If the Registrar can verify the needed number of signatures then Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards can schedule the recall. "NoLaToya" group organizers would love to see Edwards put it on the Spring cycle so "we would be able to really move New Orleans forward and changes its trajectory in an immediate way.”

The group takes you through the recall process after the signatures are certified:

  1. Petition to Governor

    The petition is forwarded to the governor. The governor issues an election proclamation within 15 days of receipt of the petition.

  2. Recall Vote

    The recall goes to vote (primary election). If the recall passes, the mayor is recalled and the office is vacated.

  3. Interim Mayor

    Because Cantrell's unexpired term exceeds one year, council members will vote to appoint one of the two council-members-at-large to be acting Mayor during the period from the occurrence of the vacancy until a new mayor is elected and assumes office.

  4. Special Election

    A special election will be held and a new mayor will be voted into office.  The recalled official cannot be a candidate in the special election to fill the vacancy. In other words, LaToya Cantrell cannot run again.

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