SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — The Red River Waterway Commission has approved $280,000 for fencing, water lines and fountains, and other facilities for a dog park on Shreveport's riverfront.

Executive Director Ken Guidry tells The Times the money depends on a cooperative endeavor agreement with Shreveport and, possibly, the Caddo Commission.

Cynthia Keith of the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance says the group has raised $35,000 for a dog park at Hamel Memorial Park. Caddo Commissioner Matthew Linn says commissioners are excited. The City Council and Caddo Commission have both unanimously supported the proposed dog park.

But Mayor Cedric Glover said he thought private donations would pay for it. He says the city never asked for it, and the waterway commission has never considered city requests for $1.4 million in riverfront park improvements.