New reports by the Advocate show that four LCG employees who lost their jobs under new Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory were paid for 20 days they didn't work.

The 160 hours of severance pay authorized by former Mayor-President Joel Robideaux totaled $33,580.

Additionally, there was another $17, 870 worth of accrued, unused vacation time paid.

This would bring the total number of dollars paid to these employees to more than $44,000.

According to civil service rules, classified employees, such as directors or at-will employees, are entitled to be paid for accrued, unused vacation time. However, there is nothing written about severance pay entitled to at-will LCG employees.

Under LCG Civil Service Rule IV, put into place between the Durel and Robideaux administrations in 1997, employees who were dismissed from their post under no fault of their own, "shall receive pay for 80 hours over and above any other compensation due them at the time of separation."

Robideaux authorized 160 hours or 20 days of severance pay for four unclassified employees not kept by Guillory.

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