Reverend C.L. Bryant photo flickr user Karl Heubaum
Reverend C.L. Bryant photo flickr user Karl Heubaum

Reverend C.L. Bryant a self-described "Democratic Radical" joined "Mornings With Ken & Bernie" today to discuss the movie Runaway Slave due to open nationwide on June 19th.  Bryant said "Runaway Slave will change the conversation on race in America".   Reverend Bryant went on to say that the movie "encourages everyone to flee economic slavery and run towards the blessings of liberty offered by this country".   We asked Reverend Bryant for his take on the recent killing of Kayla Golden, a white mother of three by Verna McClain a black woman who allegedly shot Golden and took her three day old child.

Specifically we asked Bryant why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are "missing in action" in regards to the Golden shooting in Houston.  Rev. Bryant said nothing will be heard from either in this case because they won't get the mileage they want from their appearances.  According to Bryant, "Martin Luther King had a dream and Jesse Jackson has a scheme".

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