This past weekend in the NFL was the most memorable weekend in NFL history if not then in my lifetime. From on the field to off the field this past weekend was great. And speaking of off the field, Sunday night Eli Apple went on a Twitter rant about hating the Saints fans and New Orleans. You can read that original story right here:

Well of course Saints fans & Louisianians did not take this rant kindly. They have been destroying him on social media. From mentioning his horrible play on the field to his appearance to really anything to get a laugh.

Saints fans now have taken the beef to another level. One Saints fan in particular by the Twitter name of Bayou Bun (his Twitter handle: @BayouBeeUN) has made a diss track (rap song) about Eli Apple's tenure as a Saint. But that's not all. Another Saints fan by Twitter name of @SimplyAS10 took Bun's song and made a music video for it by including all of Eli Apple's horrible play on the field as a Saint.

SUPER GREMLIN (Eli Apple Diss) Video(Explicit)

SUPER GREMLIN (Eli Apple Diss) Original Song(Explicit)

Eli Apple definitely picked the wrong fanbase to mess with. You have to give both Bun and SimplyAs credit for being creative and making a diss song/video in support of the city.

Apple has yet to delete his tweets, apologize to the city of New Orleans, or apologize to Saints fans. If I was Apple, I would definitely try to apologize and make things right as soon as possible. There are two reasons why he should apologize. Reason number 1 is because the Bengals play the Saints next year in New Orleans and that instantly puts a target on his back from the players and from the fans in terms of heckling. And the second reason is that Ja'Marr Chase is from New Orleans and Joe Burrow is Louisiana's adopted son. They might be upset at his comments and I'm sure the Bengals are siding with them before Apple.

How do you feel about Eli Apple and his comments? Will Saints fans ever forgive him? Those are questions that I'm very interested in and only time will tell. But one thing I know for certain is that Saints fans now have another reason to be excited for the Bengals game next season!

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