In an announcement that has thrilled Tiger fans and the gymnastics community alike, LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne has confirmed she will be returning for her fifth and final season. Dunne, one of the most recognizable names in college sports, shared the news through a heartfelt video posted by the official LSU Tigers social media account on Monday.

“Dear LSU,” Dunne began in the video, “these past four years have changed my life. There’s something about putting on a purple and gold leotard. There’s something about competing in front of 13,000 screaming Tiger fans. There’s something about being pushed by your coaches to be your very best. And there’s something about being part of a team that made school history. And no matter how many opportunities come my way off the mat, there’s just something about LSU. And that’s why I’m here to say, I’m not done yet.”

Hailing from Hillsdale, New Jersey, Dunne has made significant contributions to the LSU gymnastics team. While she wasn’t a regular starter in the rotation this season, she showcased her talent in nine meets on the bars and floor. Notably, she achieved a season-best score of 9.875 on the bars at the Podium Challenge in March. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Dunne has excelled academically, earning a spot on the SEC Academic Honor Roll for the fourth consecutive year.

Beyond the gym, Dunne has built an impressive social media presence, amassing over five million followers on Instagram and nearly eight million on TikTok. Her popularity extends beyond the mat, with On3 valuing her Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) at $3.9 million per year, making her the second highest-valued NIL athlete.

Dunne’s decision to return for another season shows her dedication to LSU and her passion for gymnastics. Fans can look forward to seeing her don the purple and gold leotard once more, bringing her charisma and skill back to the PMAC for what will certainly be an unforgettable final season.

As Dunne herself said, she’s not done yet, and neither are the Tigers.

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