The Saints are lucky enough to have some true class acts, and Thomas Morstead is certainly one of them.

If you remember the heartbreaking "Minnesota Miracle" last season, and the ridiculous NFL rule that they still had to attempt an extra point even though there was no way to change the outcome of the game.

The Saints weren't aware of the rule until most of their players were already in the locker room. Some of the team did come back onto the field to finish the game, and they were lead by Morstead. Vikings fans were so impressed by this (and the fact that he played through a painful rib injury that happened in the first quarter) that they donated $200,000 to his charity, What You Give Will Grow, which helps to fight childhood cancer.

To further his charitable ways, Morstead took to the gym to help raise money for the family of Christopher Cordaro, a former sales executive for the Saints who was diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer three years ago.

He organized a fundraiser to support Cordaro’s children by pledging to do an insane 400 pull-ups in an hour. And he succeeded, plus with 418.

By the end of the hour, Morstead had raised over $60,000. As of now he surpassed his goal of $70,000.

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