Over Sean Payton's career, we've seen an array of emotions from the coach. From ultimate happiness to ultimate sass and anger. We now have another moment to add to the maximum sass and anger column. The Saints lost to the Tennesse Titans on Sunday 21-23 in a game that was marred by penalties, special team errors, and questionable calls. The Saints should have won the game against the Titans; however, due to some self-inflicted mistakes and some bad calls on behalf of the referees they lost. These factors are what triggered Payton in the press conference on Sunday.

Sean even became snappy with different members of the media, including the Athletic's Katherine Terrell.

Sean was visibly upset during the post-game press conference, so much so that some players got subtlety called out. He basically said this is the time where we will start evaluating who's making plays and who's not. And in my opinion, the two players that qualify for benching or cutting are kicker Brian Johnson and tight end, Adam Trautman. Trautman has underperformed all year and cost the Saints big opportunities to win both games they recently lost. The same could be said for kicker Brian Johnson who missed two critical extra points against Tennesse. If you were looking for what players to direct that quote at it's those two.

The Saints desperately need to clean up the mental lapses on offense and defense that are causing these penalties. They really need to win this next game against the Eagles this Sunday to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. And the only way to do that is to start from within because they are beating themselves.


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