Early voting for the October 14th election, which concludes tomorrow, has been light. Secretary of State Tom Schedler expects a very light turnout from the two-point-nine million registered voters.

"It's been very slow and we somewhat anticipated that going into this election. Before early voting started we estimated about a 20 percent early voting turnout," Schedler said.

Schedler says turnout could be as low as 16 or 17%.

The October 14th ballot includes a special election for state treasurer, a south Louisiana Public Service Commission seat, three constitutional amendments and the general New Orleans mayoral race, where 18 candidates are running. Schedler hopes the candidates will stir up more interest by next Saturday.

"Hopefully candidates whether it be the mayoral election in New Orleans or Public Service Commission and of course the statewide election for Treasurer will make an all out last ditch effort in this final week to get people out on October 14th," Schedler said.

Schedler says the lack of items on some ballots will really affect turnout in some parishes.

"In some parishes, the only thing they have is just a Treasurer race and the three constitutional amendments.  That's all that's on the ballot.  So you could see some single digit turnout in some parishes that only have that," Schedler said.

Early voting will end this Saturday at 6 PM. The general election will be held October 14th from 7 AM to 8 PM.

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