As 2017 approaches, I can't help but think of a few words or phrases that need to go as soon as we ring in the New Year!!

Here are a few words/phrases that I am done with. Personally, I think they are played out and have now become very predictable.

However, you know as soon as these words or phrases phase out, there will be more to follow. And now that some parents are using some of these words today, they will soon become "uncool."

These are the words that need to go in 2017:

  • Lit (To be exciting, Hard to describe)
  • Bae (Your significant other)
  • Basic (No explanation needed)
  • Turnt (On a different level; When one or something is out of control)
  • On Fleek (When something appears to be perfect)
  • OG (Acronym for "Original Gangsta")
  • Goat (Acronym for "Greatest Of All-Time")
  • Squad (Those who you hang with)

Recently, NBC did a story on these slang words and they highlighted many of the words and phrases mentioned above.


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