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Officiating a sporting event at any level is a very difficult job or "hobby" to have. Yes, it's difficult to make a full-time living calling just one sport but if you officiate multiple sports it can be done but most officials do the job because they love the sport and want to stay involved.

This past week I sat down with Daniel Gautreaux, a veteran official from the Lafayette area who's worked at the college level for almost 15 years at this point. His father, Greg Gautreaux is an even more popular name from the area as he's been an NFL official for 18 years.

Daniel spent the last twelve years working as a Conference USA football official before last season he transitioned to working in the Southeastern Conference or better known as the SEC. For basketball, he works in the Gulf Coast Athletic Conference and in the Southern States Athletic Conference.

We got into what he's been up to during the pandemic, how to become an official, his experiences as an official, favorite games/events he's gotten the opportunity to work, and much more.

In case you missed the conversation on The Word With G, here it is:

If you're interested in becoming an official you can visit the LHSOA website here and you can register for whatever sport you'd like to get involved with.

Some funny moments also come with officiating and this one was the one that is most talked about for Daniel:

Do not shoot lasers onto the field, of any kind.


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